Department of Geophysical Imaging

The research of our team is project-driven and arises from the necessity of solving complex subsurface imaging challenges. We are working both in the academia and industry-funded projects. Main research topics are:

Through the long-lasting collaboration with the SEISCOPE consortium, we are working on the application of full-waveform inversion (FWI) to datasets acquired in different environments: near-surface (dynamite and sledge-hammer), land (Vibroseis), marine (OBS).

We developed our in-house curvelet denosing tool, which can be applied both on pre-stack and post-stack data with a broad range of applications like conditioning gathers for velocity model building, facilitate structural interpretation or denoising input for FWI.

More recently we tackled the problem of analyzing microseismic data, especially impact of the noise on microseismic event detection. We are working also on estimating errors in earth models derived from WARR data using ray-tracing modelling and tomography.