Department of Geophysical Imaging

Department of Geophysical Imaging was established in April 2017 as a independent department of the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences. It evolved from the Seismic Imaging Team initiated in 2012 within Department of the Lithospheric Research. The group is focused on the development and application of novel seismic imaging techniques, especially those based on the full recorded wavefield (like full-waveform inversion) at different scales (from near-surface to deep crust).

Our offer includes:

  • specialized seismic processing (with focus on land data)
  • depth imaging (also legacy data)
  • data denoising and conditioning
  • full-waveform inversion
  • integration of reflection and refraction (wide-angle) seismic

The Team computing facilities include small cluster composed of blade servers with Infiniband connections and the NAS server (also connected by Infiniband). Currently we have the following software installed:

  • AASPI consortium software suite (academic license)
  • CGG GeoSoftware quantitative interpretation tools (academic software grant)
  • Globe Claritas seismic processing system
  • IHS Kingdom seismic interpretation package (academic software grant)
  • Landmark ProMAX 2D seismic processing system
  • OpendTect seismic interpretation package
  • Paradigm GoCAD geological modelling software (academic software grant)
  • Mira Geoscience Mining Suite for GoCAD (academic license)
  • Schlumberger Petrel seismic interpretation package (academic software grant)
  • Schlumberger OMNI3D acquisition design software (academic software grant)
  • Schlumberger VISTA seismic processing software (academic software grant)
  • SEISCOPE frequency-domain FWI codes
  • TSUNAMI 2D pre-stack depth migration