Department of Geophysical Imaging

Michał Malinowski


Also: Senior Scientist at Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

Research interests:

  • Novel seismic processing/imaging techniques including full-waveform inversion and ambient noise
  • Seismic methods in mineral exploration
  • Deep reflection seismic/crustal structure


  • 2013, Docent/habilitation, Institute of Geophysics PAS
  • 2006, PhD in geophysics, Institute of Geophysics PAS
  • 2000, MSc Eng. in Exploration Geophysics, AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków

Current Position:

  • 2017 - present, Associate Professor, Institute of Geophysics PAS
  • 2017 - present, Head of the Department of Geophysical Imaging, Institute of Geophysics PAS

Key Personal Assignments and Experiences

  • 2017, M.P.Rudzki Award (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • NRCan Departmental Achievement Award, 2012, Natural Resources Canada,
  • Earth Sciences Sector Team Recognition Award, 2011, Natural Resources Canada
  • Laureate of the HOMING programme, 2009-2011, Foundation for Polish Science
  • Prof. K. Rybicki Award, 2009, Institute of Geophysics PAS
  • Laureate of the START programme, 2006-2007, Foundation for Polish Science

Scholarly and professional activities

  • Associate editor of “Minerals” (MDPI), “Solid Earth” (Copernicus-EGU), Assistant editor of “Interpretation” (SEG-AAPG), Co-editor-in-Chief of “Acta Geophysica” (Springer-Nature)

Longer stays abroad

  • 2013, ION Geophysical, Houston, USA, 4 months, Scientific Advisor
  • 2010, GeoAzur, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, 1 month, French government scholarship
  • 2007-08, NSERC Visiting Fellowship, Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa (post-doc)

Ongoing large research projects

  • Active and passive source multiscale subsurface imaging and monitoring based on the full seismic waveform (FULLIMAGE) (2019-22): National Science Center (NCN), PI
  • Linking deep and shallow geological processes in the transition from Precambrian to Palaeozoic platform in the southern Baltic Sea using new geophysical data (2018-21): NCN, PI
  • Sustainable mineral resources by utilizing new Exploration technologies (SMART EXPLORATION) (2017-2020): EU H2020 RIA

Past projects

  • Crustal structure of the East European Craton margin in northern Poland based on the new geophysical data (2016-19): NCN, PI
  • COGITO-MIN – Cost-effective geophysical imaging techniques for mineral exploration (2016-18): Tekes (Finland), NCBR (Poland), co-PI
  • SHALEMECH – Geomechanics of the Lower Paleozoic shales (2014-17): NCBR/PGNiG, co-PI
  • JURASHALE – appraisal of shale resources using high-end seismic (2013-15): NCBR/Hutton Energy
  • Full-waveform inversion for better characterization of the Earth crust (2012-15): NCN, PI


  • ~50 papers from the JCR list, ~50 peer-reviewed conference proceedings (mostly EAGE, SEG)
  • H-Index/Citations (Web of Science): 14/521
  • Publons
  • H-Index/Citations (Google Scholar): 17/1044